Antimatter - new mysterious protocol.

If this is the first time you’ve heard of “Antimatter”, then my article will be especially relevant for you. I will tell you about a very interesting project.

So, what is Antimatter? It is

Still not very clear? Okay, I’ll explain it easier now.

Antimatter is a protocol that provides opportunities for transactions with options and other derivatives in a decentralized market. This means that the exchange will not go to maintenance at the most crucial moment and you will always have access to your trading position. This is what I like above all in all DeFi apps. However, anyone reading this article, especially today, will ask the question — do such applications make sense, given such huge spending on gas in the ethereum network? And while we are all waiting for the release of ethereum 2.0, we will be able to work in the options market, with the help of Polkadot and Binance Smart Chain. This is actually almost the main killer feature, today for DeFi applications.

I also definitely like the idea of buying back tokens from the market, with the money generated by the protocol using commissions — this maintains a healthy balance of supply and demand.

I singled out this particular feature for myself for the reason that many projects do not think about what will happen to the price of their token and say “we are here for technology”. But you need to think about everything! We’re all here for technology, but if in the real world a company’s stock is constantly going down, will you pay attention to it? No! This also works in the crypto industry.

I also want to note that the protocol is being developed by the creator of the project — Jack Lu and it seems to me that this means further implementation of this tool directly in bounce. finance, and hence the development of the project itself. It is nice to see when people do not stop at what they have achieved, but continue to work.

Look at the chart of locked USD in the DeFi ecosystem and you will immediately understand everything. At the moment, more than $ 36 billion.

I think that it is obvious to many that this is far from the limit, and the growing market needs new tools and new offers, which is exactly what Antimatter is ready to provide. To learn more about the project, you can always read the summary of the project and find out information in the official information channels, links to which I will provide at the end of the article. Stay tuned and you will learn about all the updates and releases of the project!






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