Goldfinch is a new word in DeFi.

2 min readSep 26, 2021

The current rapid growth of DeFi projects and the growing interest in it is a great success of crypto. At the moment, almost $ 84 billion is already locked in DeFi. And at the moment You read this, I think it’s already more.

But the problem is that all these funds are the money of people who are inside the crypto space.

Goldfinch solves several problems at once.
1. Attracting new companies to the crypto industry.
2. Business development in developing countries.
3. Job growth.
4. A variety of investment opportunities for the average investor.

There is already a real use case for providing a loan for the almavest organization, which in turn issues loans in the countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America. And the fact that the idea of goldfinch has been working with great excitement from the very beginning makes us believe in the success of the project.

If you want to invest in future goldfinch projects, then by all means check out the project’s whitepaper: