How to climb Everest?

I will tell you how to work with Everest and what you can do on the platform.

  1. Check if the project you want to add is already on the site

2. Adding a project

In the menu on the top right, click the + icon and see the add project menu.

Fill in the project information and add it to the site:

Please note That you must have ETH in your wallet to complete the transaction, as well as 10 DAI, if you do not have them in your wallet, the transaction will not pass and the project will not be added.

After the transaction is completed, you will see your project on the site:

Now you can contact the project team and offer them to claim it further maintenance on the site. They just need to register and request their ownership.

This way we will get a database of projects of interest to the community in one place, while maintaining contact with their team.