How to delegate GRT?

Today I delegated my GRT tokens and I want to provide a guide on how i did it. Before you delegate please pay your attention to the following information:
1. The Commission for the delegation of 0.5% of Deposit
2. Undelegate time is 28 days.
So, if you are a long-term holder like me, please read the article below, where I will describe the delegation process

  1. Get some GRT tokens :-D
  2. Go here
  3. Connect your wallet:

4. Pay close attention to the choice of indexer. I made a filter based on the % commission that indexer takes for itself. So, the minimum commission at this point in time is 5 %, but apart from the wallet address, there is no more information about indexer, so I decided to look for data about indexers.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find data on who owns the indexers with the lowest % fee. The closest one that could be identified is 0x9238584c74e5fa445a8f72a4d4ef4699dd783852 this one guys wallet “” they actively communicate in discord and are professionals in this business, so I decided to delegate my tokens to them.

I delegate some tokens to test how this system works:

So, as you can see my tokens are delegated and we see that out of the 53 million available tokens for delegation, this indexer has already been delegated 14. therefore, i advise you to hurry up while there is still room ;-)

Now relax and enjoy your delegation)



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