Kattana — saves time, money and nerves.

2 min readApr 5, 2021

Look at the chart of locked USD in the DeFi ecosystem and you will immediately understand everything. At the moment, more than $ 49 billion.

It becomes obvious that in addition to CEX, DEX exchanges have also become very popular. Liquidity is growing, but at the same time it is spreading across many platforms. In order to check where it is more profitable to sell or buy a token, you have to go through a lot of sites, compare commissions, and see which pool has more liquidity. Kattana combines a variety of exchanges, both DEX and CEX, in its terminal, which allows you to save your time, money and nerves.

Or another problem that gives me a lot of inconvenience — the lack of the possibility of placing limit orders on DEX exchanges. Even where this is implemented, orders do not always work. I am sure that the guys from Kattana were able to implement this process better than anywhere else! This is a very important function. Just because of this, Kattana disciplines! Now, when buying a token on the DEX exchange, we can immediately place the sell orders we are interested in and do not deviate from our chosen strategy.

I look forward to seeing the product fully ready for use and released on the market,I have no doubt that it will be in demand, because I understand that the functions that they want to make in the terminal are very important, including for me, and I will use them!