My experience in participating as a curator of the graph protocol.

I’ve known about graph protocol for a long time, so I was glad when I found out that a curation program had been announced. To be honest, I’m not very savvy in programming or any other special technical knowledge, but I was interested in trying it out.
Projects like The Graph will always be needed, especially such high-quality ones. Today, the financial sector in the crypto industry is one of the closest to mass adoption. People have a real demand for it. and where, if not in finance, to conduct a complete statistical analysis, which allows you to find out absolutely any information that interests you? The Graph lets you know everything about everything! And I think that the importance of the project will only grow, as new areas that require data analysis will appear as we move to web 3.0.

While working as a curator, each of us was given 5 subgraphs for analysis. this was probably the most entertaining task! despite the fact that out of 5 subgraphs, i came across 3 not particularly working, but the other 2 were very good! However, curators are needed for this purpose, to filter out poor projects and, most importantly, to signal high-quality ones. With the help of the amazing Russian community in Telegram, I learned how to analyze subgraphs and understand what really works and benefits. The Graph is still at the beginning of its journey, and already many significant projects use it for their own purposes. With the launch of mainnet, I think the usage ecosystem will only expand and allow the platform to operate on a user-to-user basis. Most of all, i like the fact that i can benefit people with my work and other people in turn can benefit me with their work.


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